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ALTRADE GROUP companies operate in six business sectors: Mining, Logistics, Export, Hospitality, Real Estate and Education. We are, by and large, closely held businesses, based in India with growing international operations (export). The total revenue of Altrade Group companies, taken together, is over $ 200 million (over INR 900 crores) in FY 2009-10, with a substantial percent of this coming from business outside India, and we employ over 2000 people (directly and indirectly) worldwide. The Altrade Group companies have been in existence for over three decades and are well known for its adherence to strong values and business ethics.

The major Altrade Group companies are M/s D R Patnaik, M/s Indrani Patnaik, Tarini Minerals Pvt Ltd, Altrade Minerals Pvt. Ltd., Altrade Hotels Pvt. Ltd and Altrade Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.

Altrade Group derives most of its revenue from mining and related (export and logistics) activities. Real estate and hospitality businesses are new business initiatives, still in the nascent stage. Currently, major capex has been put into the above two business lines, which would yield returns in the next 5-10 years.
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